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BB-8 Star wars Droid

Out of the box, the Sphero BB-8 looks fabulous with a movie-quality finish that’ll no doubt please fans of the new Star Wars film.The BB-8 is also a clever piece of kit, with the pocket-sized droid’s head attaching magnetically and … Continued

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Bottlecap shooter
Bottlecap shooter
Really? You need a description for this?
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Sale! car usb gadget charger
Car USB Charger – 4 ports


This needs no description right? It's a USB Charger that you plug in to your car and Voila.... your 4 electronic devices can now start loading. Pokemon go for everyone!
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Sale! drink chiller
Drink Chiller – Spinchill

Spinchill - Drink Chiller

Whats great about this?
  1. Cools your drink in under 1 minute
  2. Doesn't fizz or foam your drink
  3. Is water resistant, so it'll last much longer
  4. Works on everything!
So why doubt...
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Gerber Diesel – Multi-plier
Gerber Diesel – Multi-plier

Gerber multi-pliers always seemed very ‘handy’, but seemed a little lightweight. But I asked around among my trusted friends and associates and I decided the Gerber Diesel had the strength and the features I was after. And after testing this … Continued

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GoPro multicam case
GoPro multicam case

GoPro Multicam case for recording in 360/720 degrees Material by Aircraft aluminum alloy,high quality and high long lasting. Support use waterproof case, support for underwater panoramic shot. Compact design,can be installed on 6 Hero 4 3+,little ant motion camera,easy to … Continued

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practice guitar
Holiday mini guitar

Portable 6 Fret guitar – ideal for holidays Environmental protection material:the use of health Conforms to modem people’s belongings in the With a concept,by the majority of the guitar. Ergonomic design:Compact body is very fit hand shape,let you comfortable operation … Continued

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Human Shock Collar
Human Shock Collar


You might wonder... why would i need this. Well the answer is simpel... you buy it for someone else so he stops doing the annoying stuff he does! Great gift right! Its almost as if you are buying somethign for yourself.
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Luggage Locator – Lugloc
Luggage Locator – Lugloc

LONG LIFE: Rechargeable battery that lasts 15 days GSM TECHNOLOGY: Worldwide geo-tracking which is more reliable than GPS for luggage in airports BLUETOOTH LE: Bluetooth proximity alerts for a second layer of protection FLIGHT COMPLIANT: Complies with most rigorous Flight … Continued

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